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Opulence Defined Jewellery was started in 2019 by Dirk and Amanda.

Both with ample experience and running other businesses, Amanda being in the diamond industry for over 10 years they have decided to start and design jewellery that will suit every style, soul and budget.

Our aim is to create and use the finest of metals and stones. Our exceptional jewellery are locally made and set.

The Craftsman

We make statement pieces of exemplary quality and beauty. Custom designed and handmade by the finest craftsmen, our jewellery is made from diverse precious metals, gems and stones using the latest equipment and technology available in the market.

Making Our Pieces

Custom jewellery is our bread and butter. We work closely with you throughout the design and crafting process AND you determine your budget. You only pay if you’re perfectly satisfied with the end result.

Unique Pieces

Custom necklaces, rings and pendants .Shop for silver & gold handcrafted rings and chains and pendants personalised options available. Ordering online is easy, safe and secure.

Value for Money
Our collection ensures our clients receive real value for money.
High Quality
We only use the highest quality materials in our collection.
Carefully curated collection

Opulence has always had a strong leg when it comes to sourcing precious and semi-precious stones.

Our Charles is from Mozambique and has had a long history of family members who have been precious and semi-precious stone suppliers.

We have places in Africa that support the ethical sourcing of gemstones and women’s empowerment this means, we can help your source the stones you require while supporting a noble cause.

India is also a major player when it comes to dealing with precious and semi-precious stones. We work with suppliers in India from reliable precious and semi-precious stone. Thailand, where the main wholesale market of precious and semiprecious stone jewelry is very much accessible. Other than India and Thailand, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Spain, Turkey also plays a big role.

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